TetraPrime S

Premium pathogen freeze dried Tetraselmis suecica

Tetraselmis suecica is among the most extensively used microalgae in aquaculture. Besides having EPA as important ω-3 fatty acid, it is also a rich source of pigments, and vitamins E and tocopherol. It is reported to exhibit antibacterial action against a number of aquaculture pathogens from the genera Vibrio (eg. V. alginolyticus, V. salmonicida), Aeromonas (eg. A. salmonicida), among others (Austin et al., 1992; Regunathan & Wesley, 2004).

TetraPrime S consists of Tetraselmis suecica that is produced under the most stringently controlled conditions (HACCP and FCA certified (FCA certificate BE 01/1522.GF)). It is freeze dried according to a proprietary process to yield a premium grade product with the longest shelf life, no nutrient leakage, maintenance of the correct lipid profiles and an ensured bioavailability of ω-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

Cryotech NAAC

RUNWAY - high performance solid de-icer

AMS 1431 certified

Readily biodegradable

Excellent performance