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  • Zhejiang Pu Wei Lun Chemicals focuses on the marketing of Proviron’s:
    non-phthalate plasticizers Proviplast®gamma for PVC, PA, PVB, PLA and rubber
  • Provichem® range used in various applications such as water-based coatings, adhesives, inks, PES, PEEK, thermal paper, brake fluids, leather fluids and even as solvents
  • animal health feed ingredients for shrimp, poultry and pig


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Proviplast® 024 is the global reference, the plasticizer of choice for PA 10.10, PA 11, PA 12, PA 6.10 and PA 6.12 and it has excellent plasticizing effect at low temperature, improved processability, mold release and finishing, as well as good chemical and thermal stability.

Proviplast® 1783 is a well-known plasticizer for polyvinylbutyral (PVB) films, used extensively in laminated glass. It imparts low temperature performance, low volatility and improved plasticization.

Proviplast® 95XP is an effective plasticizer for polar and semi-polar rubbers with very high purity and low VOC. It improves the low temperature properties and the extraction resistance of polar rubber compounds, like NBR, chlorinated rubber, elastomers and vinylic products. It’s approved for indirect food contact applications.

Provichem 2202, 2203 and 2204 contain respectively 25%, 30% and 36% of sodium vinyl sulfonate. This monomer is used in various applications, including aqueous vinylic / acrylic dispersions (stabilizer), nickel plating (brightener and leveling agent), oil field applications, water treatment (anti-scaling agent) and bio-buffers.


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