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Proviron designs, produces and markets chemicals mainly for medium volume niche markets. We have 3 manufacturing plants, situated in Belgium (Europe) and the US .For most of our own products, we have a market-leading position. Our chemicals are building blocks to a host of downstream products. We offer sustainable solutions for the polymer industry and producers of emulsions, etc.Proviron has a Chinese subsidiary in Hangzhou, China. Proviron′s China office takes care of the sales of European manufactured products into China; procurement of Chinese raw materials into Europe and the Nafta region; sales of locally sourced materials into China with added value.


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focus on providing professional service and flexibility to customers

We are committed to building professional and flexible long-term relationships with our customers and partners to meet their needs. We will mobilize our own resources to find the most appropriate solution for our customers.

efficient communication and well-organized supply chain

Through “Face to Face” contact between our local staff and customers on a technical and commercial level,we achieve efficient communication with local customers. Our well-organized supply chain process and mechanism make supply and demand coordinate and match each other. Ultimately realize lean supply chain.

local warehousing and logistics services, greatly reduced lead times

We aim to significantly serve local customers. By having local warehousing in Shanghai and Foshan, customers can save time for customs clearance. Continuously optimize local logistics services, so that many of our customers can achieve same-day delivery. All these greatly reduced lead time, and deeply favored by customers.

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David Zhong

Sales Manager Proviron Pu Wei Lun

David Zhong - Proviron
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Jeff Chen

Sales Manager Proviron Pu Wei Lun